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Exploring the Cursus Barrows and Fargo Plantation


DSC00759 The King Barrows behind the Cursus Barrows – viewed from the north side of the west end of the Great Cursus in the Stonehenge landscape

The Stonehenge landscape has the richest concentration of Bronze Age burial mounds in Britain. If you cannot afford to visit Stonehenge itself, do not worry; most of the exciting landscape is managed by the National Trust and is free for you to explore.

After a recent early morning visit to Stonehenge, I walked back over the surrounding landscape to the Stonehenge Visitor Centre via the ‘Cursus barrows’ and Fargo Plantation.

DSC00725 Aerial photograph of the Cursus Barrows from one of the heritage boards

The Cursus barrow group are a striking linear arrangement of Early Bronze Age burial mounds prominently situated on the north-western skyline when viewed from Stonehenge. They run for c. 1200m along the roughly W-E ridge located south of the west end of the Stonehenge…

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