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Durrington Walls


DSC02634 Reconstruction of the riverside ‘village and its circular timber ceremonial focus and avenue leading from it down to the Avon

A while back I visited Woodhenge. On that occasion, I didn’t walk around the neighbouring, far larger and monumental Durrington Walls. In fact I never have done. It has always seemed just too big, too incomprehensible. Also, to be honest, I’ve always felt I could view enough of it from the site of Woodhenge and the road. Also, on my last trip, I knew my kids would complain about it not actually being at least part comprised of stones… So I confess publicly to be a shameful neophyte when it comes to experiencing the great DW.

This time, I tried. I walked its banks on the exposed western slopes of the River Avon in cold weather and with a strong wind insisting it was still wintry in late March.

I’m glad I did though. Walking so impressed on me regarding DW’s size…

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