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All Cannings: Wiltshire’s ‘Neolithic’ long barrow burial chamber opens

Would you fancy spending eternity inside a burial chamber in the corner of a field in Wiltshire? I do!

Tim Daw and Arch Druid of Avebury blessing  the Long Barrow

Tim Daw and Arch Druid of Avebury blessing the Long Barrow

The first “Neolithic” long barrow to be built in the UK for 5,500 years has been completed and already the first urn of human ashes has been placed inside.

The structure at All Cannings near Devizes, took almost nine months to build, using traditional materials and stone working techniques.

The tomb, designed by farmer Tim Daw, has been positioned to let the midwinter sunrise shine right down the length of the chamber where people’s ashes will be placed in urns set into the walls.

What is a long barrow?

  • Barrows are artificial hills of earth and stones built over the remains of the dead
  • They were usually reserved for members of the social elite or Anglo-Saxon royalty
  • Ordinary people were usually cremated or buried in more humble graves
  • They were first constructed in about 4,000 BC up to the late pre-Christian era
  • England’s most famous barrow is at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk

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News link:

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We intend to include the Long Barrow on future tours and I have already booked a niche.

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