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Wilton House, Wiltshire. This historic site helps bring Jane Austen’s novel Emma to life.

Wilton House is not new to the spotlight, having played a part in season 3 of Netflix’s The Crown as some of the interiors of Buckingham Palace and as the interior of Pemberley in Pride and Prejudice. The house returns for another Jane Austen adaptation in Emma as Donwell Abbey, also known as Mr. Knightley’s estate. Home to the Earls of Pembroke since 1544, Wilton House is known for its incredible 17th-century interiors and extensive art collection.  See filming of Emma video here.

Wilton House, home to ​the 18th Earl and Countess of Pembroke, provides a fascinating insight into British history.

Wilton House, home to ​the 18th Earl and Countess of Pembroke, provides a fascinating insight into British history.

In 1544, King Henry VIII granted Wilton House—originally a 9th-century nunnery—and its land to William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke, and it’s been kept in the family ever since, for over 475 years (the 18th Earl of Pembroke and the Countess of Pembroke are the current owners of the home). A program to ensure the restoration of the Palladian-style home was started by the 17th Earl of Pembroke, and it continues to this day through funding from the Wilton House Trust. This program also includes new additions, such as the creation of several gardens on the estate, as well as the restoration of the South Front of the home, which includes the incredibly opulent state rooms.

In addition to being used as a filming location for Emma and The Crown, Wilton House can also be seen in two other Jane Austen film adaptations: Pride & Prejudice (2005) and Sense & Sensibility (1995).  Click here to see  the full list of shows filmed at Wilston House

Wilton House is a short drive from Stonehenge and makes a great day touritinerary with a private guided tourfrom Salibury, Southampton, Bath or London.

Picture Perfect Wiltshire
Wiltshire is a favourite with filmmakers, taking centre stage in a whole range of productions from swashbuckling adventures to Jane Austen classics. Wiltshire continues to be popular with television and film crews, making an ideal location for anything from traditional period dramas to gothic horror films featuring Hollywood stars. Find out more about some of our film and TV locations at the Visit Wiltshire website

Wilton House website
Discover the filming locations of Emma.

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Archaeology Day Tours of Wiltshire’s World Heritage Sites.

Stonehenge and Avebury form part of an UNESCO World Heritage Site which stands testament to the ages. The explanations behind why the sites are located where they are and what their exact purposes are still remain a mystery to this day with a magnetism that has drawn people to them for centuries.

We are pleased to offer exclusive Archaeology Tours visiting both Stonehenge and Avebury throughout 2016. We believe we offer an excellent up-to-date specialist service; giving you the opportunity to learn in great detail about these amazing prehistoric sites, but also leaving you time to explore your surroundings by yourself.

Stonehenge, Avebury and Bath Guided Tour from London

Britian’s most beautiful landscapes
Tour Leaders are qualified archaeologists
Walk the paths of ritual specialists and builders of Britain’s most fascinating and awe-inspiring prehistoric sites, at Stonehenge and Avebury.
Explore the Roman and Georgian history of Bath.
Guaranteed small groups 8 – 18 participants.

This feature-packed archaeological tour takes in the iconic stone circles of Stonehenge


Small Group Guided Tour of Avebury

and Avebury and a delightful break in the beautiful Roman city of Bath.

Leaving from London by luxury mini coach, this Stonehenge tour will explore its iconic standing stones with expert analysis by a trained archaeologist. Nearby Avebury is an even more impressive site, covering a much wider area and you will also encounter Neolithic burial tombs and the less visited ancient site of Woodhenge.

Mid-day is spent in gorgeous Bath offering history of a different era. There are colorful remnants of its glorious Roman past to see and regency mansion houses from Georgian times. The famous Roman baths are a must see.

Guided tour itinerary:

The morning starts with a visit to Durrington Walls and Woodhenge, home to the ‘Stonehenge Builder’s’ village and the most convincing evidence for human sacrifice. We then travel a short distance to Stonehenge. We enjoy a leisurely paced walk through the landscape immediately surrounding Stonehenge, visiting the Stonehenge Cursus, Bronze Age burial mounds and walk along the Stonehenge Avenue. We complete our morning at Stonehenge with a guided walk around the stone circle, our archaeologists bringing to life this enigmatic, ancient and mysterious monument.

At mid-day we arrive at the beautiful Georgian city of Bath. Here we allow our guests aprox 2 hours to enjoy the centre of this city, famous for Jane Austen, Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths. We also use this opportunity for our guests to have lunch.

We conclude our visit to Bath with a coach tour of the most impressive examples of architecture Bath has to offer, visiting the Assembly Rooms, Royal Circus and Royal Crescent.

The Afternoon is spent at the Avebury World Heritage Landscape. We visit Silbury Hill, the largest man-made hill in prehistoric Europe. We enter the 5500 year old burial chamber of West Kennet Long Barrow, entering a sacred space originally reserved only for ritual specialists and the dead.

We finish by visiting the largest stone circle in Europe at Avebury, with its beautiful medieval village situated inside. As John Aubrey in the 1600’s notes [Avebury]…”does as much exceed in greatness the so renowned Stonehenge as a Cathedral doeth a parish church.”


Please also note as part of the Stonehenge, Salisbury and Avebury Archaeologist Guided Tour, the detailed walk around the Stonehenge Cursus, Stonehenge Avenue and Bronze Age burial mounds only runs between March to October, this is due to time restrictions in the winter months
View 2016 Tour Departures and book now

We also offer a Stonehenge, Bath and Salisbury guided tour

Bringing History Alive……………..


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